Why study with us

Innovative approaches to teaching and learning

The Faculty is committed to giving students access to a broad range of learning environments that include the traditional lecture-tutorial model but also encompass interactive workshops, student-led seminars and web-based delivery.  We believe that, whilst exams are important, they cannot by themselves paint a complete picture of a student's abilities and strengths and so our assessment strategy includes a substantial coursework element.  Our over-arching aim is to provide our students with every opportunity to develop a broad range of subject-specific and generic skills that will equip them to achieve their full potential in the increasingly competitive world of work.

Study Support

Studying and learning at University is different (surprisingly so sometimes) from the academic study you might have encountered to date.  To help you develop as a fully independent and autonomous learner we have a combined system of specialised Faculty level support (including, for example, writing workshops) running alongside more closely focussed support at Department level.  The latter is primarily offered through our Academic Tutor system providing each student with a tutor from the Dept Academic staff who will be familiar with your own progress and the programme of study you are taking.

Flexible Subject Options 2019

One of the unique aspects of taking a degree at Lancaster, and one of Lancaster’s great strengths, is the flexibility you have to choose the subjects that will make up your degree. This flexibility applies not just to the modules that you can choose within your chosen degree scheme but for most subjects this also applies to the structure of your course, particularly in the first year.

You can read more about the ‌flexible study options‌ for students starting their course in 2019 here.

International Links

The Faculty encourages students to take advantage of opportunities to study abroad either through the European Union's exchange programmes or by attending one of our partner institutions in Europe and North America for all or part of an academic year.

We are also delighted to welcome students from all corners of the globe to study with us here at Lancaster, whether on a semester - or year-long exchange programme or by registering for an entire degree with us.  In recent years we have also developed a number of innovative "2+2" programmes with institutions in China that enable highly qualified Chinese students to gain direct entry to Part II of a Lancaster degree after completing two years of intensive study in China.  Read more about studying abroad.