Roger Pickup is interested in the environment and human health especially Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (Map) which causes inflammatory bowel disease in most animals. He is investigating Map’s role in Crohn’s disease, a similar human inflammatory condition.
  • What will happen when antibiotics stop working?

    A golden era of antibiotics shifted the leading causes of death away from infection to cancer and cardiovascular disease. At the moment, we can still treat most infections as only a few are resistant to what is currently the last line of antibiotics – the colistins. But history shows us this will change and colistin resistance is already growing in China and the United States.

  • Bacteria in space: why the International Space Station is riddled with “germs”

    Forget Ridley Scott’s Alien. There’s a new, real-life horror story in space. As one national newspaper headline warned, the International Space Station is ‘filled with germs’.

  • ecoli

    Are you overweight? The clue’s in your poo

    We are all populated by microbes – helpful or otherwise – which form a community known as a microbiome. Recent research by Ryan Newton and co-workers has shown that sewage-based analysis of the human microbiome can be used to diagnose health issues at a population level.