Parasitology and Microbiology

Members of this research group contribute to the cross-faculty research theme on Infectious Disease Transmission and Biology.

Our research develops understanding of the cell biology of protozoan parasites and yeast. This is important to medical parasitology, but also to exploiting micro-organisms as models of human cellular function. We also undertake research into viruses as well as prokaryotic and other eukaryotic micro-organisms.

In particular, we address:

  • the immune response towards microbes including bacteria of the human gut
  • tropical infectious diseases and their insect vectors
  • the evolution of viruses
  • environmental exposure to harmful micro-organisms

Alongside basic research into the properties of these microbial threats, we perform applied research into ways to combat their effects or control their transmission.


Researchers working in this area, together with a short description of their research interests, are listed below.