Internship opportunities

There are several different schemes that you can apply for during your time at Lancaster University. We are always enhancing our range of internships - these schemes have been available to Bioscience undergraduates in recent years.

MAC Clinical Research

In 2016 four students gained paid internships, each lasting for a year.

Lancaster Bioscience Internships

Since 2016 we have been able to place Biomedical and Life Sciences undergraduates in paid summer internships at Lancaster University. Research topics have included: Alzheimer's disease, biochemistry, cancer biology, DNA replication, immunology, microbiology and tropical infectious diseases. Here's what our students had to say:

  • 'Confirmed that I would like to pursue a career in research'
  • 'I have matured personally'
  • 'I was allowed to try (and fail) with new techniques...this helped me to learn better and they are skills I am far more confident with now'
  • 'I didn't want to leave!'

Ghana Summer School

Following a successful pilot in 2016 the 'Ghana Global Health' module was introduced for the 2016-17 academic year. There are eight places available on this module, and students apply duing Lent term of year 2. Internships are integrated into the programme; in 2016 this included a project at Vetrgaard Fransen, a mosquito insecticide testing facility for the world's largest mosquito bed-net manufacturer.

Digital Lancaster Student Bursary

Two students gained internships. One developed a new divisional student blog site with a focus on enhancing students’ employability, whilst the second helped develop an electronic attendance monitoring system.

North West Cancer Research

North West Cancer Research provided funding for three undergraduates between their second and third years. These eight-week projects give the students the opportunity to get involved with cutting edge research at Lancaster, working on projects aimed at understanding the molecular changes that underpin cancer as well as new approaches for treating the disease.

Other Internship Opportunities

We regularly receive information about internships and other schemes available to students both in the UK and abroad. Placements can vary in duration from a few weeks to a year. Whilst these are competitive, BLS and the University Careers Service will support your application.

Arrange Your Own

If you are able to arrange your own internship, we can help you implement it.