What are Biosciences?


If your interests lie in the biological mechanisms underlying human health or diseases, consider our biomedical courses. These include our IBMS-accredited Biomedical Science degree, which is a path to employment in the NHS, and our broader Biomedicine degree, which offers a wider range of module options.


An alternative specialism is Biochemistry, the primary investigative science within biology and medicine. This examines the structure and function of living organisms at the molecular level.

Biochemistry is also at the heart of biomedical science and research, so if you have a broad interest in the biochemical processes of life and the effects of disease, our combined Biochemistry with Biomedicine degree may be ideal for you.

Genetics is at the forefront of many advances in biology and medicine. Our combined Biochemistry with Genetics degree provides you with an in-depth knowledge of the molecular mechanisms of life. A strong background in disciplines such as biotechnology and cell biology is especially important when considering the multidisciplinary, interactive nature of today’s scientific work environments.

Biological Sciences

The biological sciences have a very broad focus, so at Lancaster we loosely divide our degree schemes into 'Biology', which considers whole organisms and their relationship with their environment, and 'Biological Sciences', which addresses the underlying processes. In practice, your choice of degree schemes and optional modules will help to develop your own passion.

Biological Sciences with Biomedicine is a Biological Sciences degree with the emphasis on Biomedicine.

If you are interested in understanding what influences human behaviour and the underlying biology of the system, Biology with Psychology is our best degree course for you. Choose modules from the areas of biology that interest you most, linking them into a progressive understanding of developmental, physiological and cognitive psychology.

One of Lancaster's particular strengths is our interdisciplinary approach, with experts in diverse fields collaborating to provide fresh insights.  An example is our Bioscience with Entrepreneurship degree, aimed at students interested in a range of bioscience topics but who also wish to understand the challenges of entrepreneurship and innovation.

We deliver some of these degrees at both three-year BSc and four-year MSci levels, or with the possibility of spending a year abroad. See our full course list for current options.