JCR Exec

All students are part of the Junior Common Room (JCR). The JCR Executive are a committee of students elected by the JCR to be the voice of the student body and to represent your interests. Their roles are varied and aimed at ensuring you have a positive experience during your time in Bowland through a range of events and activities organised during the year. If you have any questions regarding how the JCR can support you or have suggestions for campaigns, contact the team at jcrbowlandcollege@gmail.com.   

Miriam Bonney


In my role as JCR President I oversee the work of the JCR Executive and attend committees at both the college and the Students' Union levels, bridging the gap to represent the student body to the Union and University.

Bowland is one of the biggest colleges, located right in the centre of campus and with a popular bar and common room. We have an extremely strong college spirit and an active community, with a number of opportunities to get involved and represent Bowland competitively. We have strong quiz and debate teams as well as large bar sports, football and netball clubs.

Sport is especially important in the Bowland community and students are welcome to participate at all levels of experience and ability. We are current champions of both the Carter Shield, an inter-collegiate sports tournament between all colleges, and Founders, the hotly contested rivalry with our fellow founding college, Lonsdale.Students also have a number of opportunities to get involved in college life aside from sport and competitive events.

Many students volunteer as Welcome Reps to help new students settle into college life, and see it as one of the highlight of their time at university.

Our end-of-year summer Extrav, a party held in the college quads, is a highly anticipated event and one of the key dates in the college calendar, and is organised and hosted by a committee of student volunteers.

We attract students from all nationalities and backgrounds who are proud to call Bowland home. Whoever you are, we are excited to welcome you into our college community.

JCR President, Miriam Bonney

Sofia Hidosan

Vice President

Hello! I’m Sofia, a 2nd year Philosophy and Psychology student and your Vice-President. My role mainly involves working closely with our President and JCR members in all matters Bowland. Throughout the year, I will be helping arrange events such as the Welcome Week and Summer Extravaganza while most importantly advocating for you!

I am easy-going and someone who appreciates our community getting involved, so if you have any suggestions or problems to share about college life, please don’t hesitate to reach out! It may seem like a long time, but university will be over before you realise it. So remember to have fun, join as much socials and societies as you can, and maximise your time here in Bowland College and Lancaster University!

JCR Vice President, Sofia Hidosan
Image of William Mercer, JCR Democracy and Finance Officer

Will Mercer

Democracy and Finance Officer

Hi I'm Will, a 3rd year Natural Sciences student and your Democracy and Finance Officer. My role involves organising college elections, chairing our weekly JCR meetings and managing the finances for the JCR. We are here to advocate on your behalf so please feel free to contact us.

Image of Isabel Paniagua Coleman JCR Socials and Events Officer

Isabel Paniagua Coleman

Socials and Events Officer

Hi I’m Isabel, a second year psychology student from Liverpool. As part of the socials team within the Bowland JCR exec, our job is to organise and run a variety of events throughout the year for all Bowland members to enjoy. We try our best to make sure that the social aspect of your time at Lancaster is the best it can possibly be. If there’s an event you want to see, make sure you let us know.

Image of Chris Person JCR socials and Events Officer

Chris Pearson

Socials and Events Officer

Hi everyone, my name is Chris and I am part of the fantastic social secretary team here where our roles are to organise activities where everyone in Bowland can have the best experiences at uni and give you the opportunity to make great memories. We also host a weekly quiz which you should definitely join !! My favourite activities are to watch movies, play tennis and have a big night out. 

Socials and Events Officer Adam Lambe

Adam Lambe

Socials and Events Officer

Hi, I'm Adam. I'm from Enfield, London and I study Biological Sciences. Having been at the university for a while now one of the best aspects has been being a member of Bowland College. Not only that but being a Social and Events officer is something I am proud of putting on events for my fellow students to make our experience at university as enjoyable as possible. As a social and events officer we are responsible for the weekly quiz, the big red bar crawl, winterball and any other events we can try and make happen.

JCR Equality Representative Sophie Schulz

Sophie Schulz

Equality Representative

I’m Sophie (they/them), your Equality Representative for 2020! I'm an international student from Berlin, Germany going into second year. I joined the JCR because I wanted to give back to this amazing college and make a difference in the day-to-day life of Bowland students. I hope that some of the things we organise help you feel connected to your college, wherever you are in the world. If you have any concerns, wishes or requests regarding my area of responsibility, please feel free to email me!

Image of Elliott Partridge, Male Welfare Officer

Elliott Partridge

Male Welfare Officer.  Pronouns: He/Him. Third year student.

I'm Elliott, your Male Welfare Officer for Bowland College. I've been working hard this year to get welfare-based events on for Bowland students and have loved being a member of the JCR. Though we live in tumultuous times, I'm very excited for what the next year will bring and I'm working hard to plan out what comes next.

Image of Susan Mueller JCR Women's and Non binary Officer

Susan Mueller

Women's / Non-binary Welfare Officer

Hi! My name is Susan and my pronouns are she/her. I am a 3rd year Psychology student and I am your women's/non-binary welfare officer. My role involves providing support and giving advice on any social, financial, academic, etc. issues that students may experience while at university. I will also be organising events and campaigns with other JCR members to promote student wellbeing, academic and environmental issues.

Laura Rigby

Female Sports Officer

Hi I'm Laura Rigby your Female Sports Representative. I am going into my third year studying Drama, Theatre & Performance. I played netball for the Bowland College A's team in my first year and now I play for the University Netball firsts team. I've been on the JCR since January and have helped organize our online E-Founders weekend as well as some sports events throughout the year.

My role also includes making sure college sports teams fixtures are posted and promoted on the Bowland Sports Facebook page and the Instagram page. At the end of each week, I post the results on our Instagram to keep the college members up to date with how our teams are doing.

This year we had some fantastic results from our teams and I am looking forward to meeting new students arriving in September! The college sports teams are a great way of integrating oneself into the college and the community and a fantastic way of getting to know the other students. Even if you've not played any of the college sports before, you are welcome to come down to the taster sessions in Welcome Week and can meet the captains and other team members. Join in, you won't regret it!

JCR Female Sports Representative Laura Rigby

Lewis Miller

Publicist. Pronouns: He/Him. Second year student

Howdy, I'm Lewis - Software Engineering student, cycling fan and your JCR Publicist! My role is to help make the graphics we put out to the college look great, for everyone. A big part of this is creating advertisements and infographics about our college events, but it's not all just about the pretty pictures. Throughout the year I'll be helping to keep you posted about all things Bowland, no matter what form this coming year takes...

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions about my role feel free to drop me an e-mail (it's l.w.miller@lancaster.ac.uk). I try to check them daily so you should get a quick response!"

JCR Publicity Officer, Lewis Miller with a small brown dog