21 June 2017

Lancaster University students were responsible for a fantastic event raising money for Safe Child Africa and CancerCare in summer term. They developed the idea to run a market bazaar and sell pancakes. With the slogan “Keep Calm and Eat Pancakes” students Vicky Liang, Mariya Tsyganova, Bingbing Ge, and Dina Di raised funds and awareness for the two charities in the busy exam period.

They dealt with risks and challenges along the way, including regulations about how to recommend suitable donation prices, finding adequate resources, and asking for donations from their extended network. All items in the bazaar were donated by generous members of the campus community and any leftover stock was donated to the charity shop on campus.

Thankfully, it was hot and sunny day for the event, which posed its own challenges!

Vicky Liang said of the experience: “Regarding the reason for organising a charity event, all I owe to my parents. They are both very kind people, and their kindness has brought happiness to the family. I’m affected to value kindness and consideration of others". She continued "the more people realise, their simple help can make a huge difference in another person’s life, the better the world will become. I just did what I could do over the range of my capability.”

Representatives from Safe Child Africa and CancerCare support the Charity Event Planning course on campus each term of the academic year. Both representatives are fundraisers for their respective organisations and their support in helping students to plan and deliver a successful event is invaluable.

Sign up for the Charity Event Planning workshop in the next academic year by using TARGETconnect. Whatever your reasons for running an event, this is a safe place for you to practice. You can learn valuable transferrable skills, demonstrate genuine interest in working in Events Management to future employers, or come along to have fun and socialise with new friends while making a difference to the local community and to campus.