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Equality & Diversity

Useful resources and advice for students and graduates that may face barriers in the job market.

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Welcome to our Equality & Diversity microsite, where you can find useful resources and advice to help you with your job search and to develop your employability.

The law requires that employers treat applicants and employees equally regardless of disability, gender, age, race, religion or sexual orientation under the Equality Act 2010.

TARGETjobs provides information and advice on key diversity issues related to your graduate job search, including how to identify positive employers, how, when and where to disclose your circumstances, and how to get an understanding of your rights.

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Check out our workplace guides below for more information.

GROW Your Future

Every student should have equal opportunities when they graduate, but we recognise that some will benefit from targeted careers support. The GROW Your Future programme offers you the opportunity to take part in activities that support the development of key employability skills, professional networks and confidence to compete effectively in the graduate labour market.

GROW Your Future

Identifying Positive Employers

Use the links below to search for employers and find out how diverse their workforce is, and how committed they are to recruiting a diverse workforce.

Workplace Guides

Our workplace guides have detailed information about positive employers, internships and work experience, your rights, and more.