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Grow Your Future Awards

What is the GROW Your Future Award?

It is a new initiative for 2020-2021 to recognise students’ contribution and engagement in the GROW Your Future Programme. To get the award you must be actively engaging, participating or being influential in the GROW Your Future community!

Levels of the award

There are three different levels of the GROW Your Future Award; it is up to you which level you aim for. We are also looking to implement a GROW Your future Champion status for those who have completed the GOLD award contribute to the GROW Your Future Community.

Bronze - engaging

  • recognises students’ contributions to engaging with the GROW Your Future community
  • achieved through actively engaging on the main Grow Your Future MS teams page or Facebook group

Silver - participating

  • recognises how much students participate in activities specific to the GROW Your Future programme
  • achieved through taking part in events like Capital Connections, GROW Your future workshops, Lunch-time Socials etc

Gold - influencing

  • recognises students whose influence reaches beyond the GROW Your Future community and supports the wider promotion and awareness raising of the programme
  • achieved through creating blogs/ vlogs, sharing experiences of participating in GROW Your future activities with students who have not taken part in that activity before, posting on networks such as LinkedIn where there is a wider reach about participation, etc.

What's next?

If you are already a member of the GROW Your Future programme, join the GROW Your future Awards MS Teams space to find full instructions. Any questions- just ask in the Team chat! 

If not a member of the GROW Your Future programme,  check your eligibility and join.

Join GROW Your Future!

What is the deadline?

You can submit your GROW Your Future award application any time, however for it to be included on your HEAR – you will need to do this before 30th April in your final year. This is a separate certification from the Lancaster Award. You can apply for and achieve both. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact us about it!

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