Gap Year

Take time out to earn, learn, gain work experience, or travel.

Students and graduates who take a Gap Year may find that they return with increased confidence, are more self-reliant, and have much clearer idea as to their preferred career. They may also have a wealth of experience gained through their gap year that can be used to evidence the qualities which employers value.

Carefully chosen and planned, a gap year can be a positive experience. An entire industry has grown up around the Gap Year, and there are many websites and resources devoted to the subject.

Do weigh up the pros and cons of each.

Please note that Lancaster University does not recommend or endorse any specific gap year providers or any projects offered.

Useful links

  • Backpacker Advice Tips for gap year on budget travelling and backpacking.
  • BUNAC Teaching and other work in Australia, Canada, USA and other destinations.
  • Camp America is a well-established company providing summer opportunities in the USA.
  • Camp Leaders Cultural exchange and summer camp opportunities in the USA.
  • Smaller Earth Work and travel, volunteering and internships across the world.

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