Chinese Careers Certificate

Chinese Careers Certificate

Chinese Careers Certificate

Stand out from the crowd

China sends significantly more students to the UK than any other nation, with 106,530 students from China enrolled at University in 2017/18.1

We know that extra careers provision would be beneficial to support Chinese students' career planning and job searching in China, and are excited to introduce our new Chinese Careers Certificate.

The certificate consists of a series of workshops designed specifically for Chinese students returning to their native country, and is designed to reward students efforts for their attendance and to help increase their employability outcomes.




为了帮助我们的中国毕业生完善职业计划,寻找工作,并在回国就业中更具竞争力,兰卡斯特大学为中国学生量身打造了中国职业生涯证书 (Chinese Careers Certificate)。


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What does this involve?

This academic year all Chinese students will have the opportunity to gain a careers certificate and a Lancaster University LinkedIn badge by attending just four careers workshops. These include:




  • How to Create a Winning CV / 如何撰写成功的简历

    In this workshop students will learn how to structure and format a quality CV to compete effectively for jobs and stand out from the crowd.


  • How to Create a Winning Cover Letter / 如何撰写一份成功的求职信

    In this workshop students will learn how to structure and format a quality Cover Letter, demonstrating their passion and ability to do a specific job. Students will be given a job description and specification to analyse how this should be translated into a cover letter. This is necessary to compete effectively for jobs and stand out from the crowd and increase the chance of securing an interview.


  • Successful Job Searching in China / 中国求职搜索训练

    This workshop is designed for students who want to find work in China after completing their course. The session will focus on industry trends, how to identify companies, job search tools and making speculative applications. Labour market information will also be included.


  • Confidence Building for Interviews / 面试自信心锻炼

    This workshop will focus on confidence building in interviews. Students will learn how to articulate their SOFT skills/experience and will give students the opportunity to practice their interpersonal and communication skills.

    This session will comprise of collaborative activities including team building exercises and problem solving and participating in a mock interview.



As part of the process students are required to submit a CV and Cover Letter and will receive constructive feedback.

Each workshop will be publicised on TARGETconnect, and it will in the Lent term.

Obtaining this Careers certificate will contribute 20 points towards the Lancaster Award.

For further enquiries, ask Careers a question online on TARGETconnect , or email



获得证书后也能为兰卡斯特奖(Lancaster Award)累积20分。

更多问题可以到The Base的Careers 办公桌询问,或邮件联系