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Careers information and resources for arts and social sciences students.

Art and Design

E.g. Fine Art, Fine Art and Design, Fine Art and Film, Fine Art and Theatre, Fine Art and Creative Writing, Design, etc.

Art and Design Accordion Accordion


E.g. Criminology, Criminology and French Studies, Criminology and Law, Criminology and Psychology, Criminology and Sociology, etc.

Criminology Accordion Accordion

Drama and Theatre Performance

E.g. Drama, Theatre and Performance, Fine Art and Theatre, Film and Theatre, etc.

Drama and Theatre Performance Accordion Accordion

English and Creative Writing

E.g. English Literature, English Literature and History, English Literature and Linguistics, English Literature and Philosophy, English Literature and Religious Studies, English Literature with Creative Writing, English Literature, Creative Writing and Practice, Film and Creative Writing, etc.

English Literature and Creative Writing Accordion Accordion


E.g. History, Medieval and Early Modern Studies, History and International Relations, History and Philosophy, History and Politics, History and Religious Studies, History, Philosophy and Politics, German Studies and History, etc.

History Accordion Accordion

Linguistics and English Language

E.g. English Language, Linguistics, English Language and Creative Writing, English Language and French Studies, English Language and Linguistics, English Language and Literature, English Language in the Media, Linguistics and Philosophy, Linguistics with Chinese, etc.

Linguistics and English Language Accordion Accordion

Languages and Cultures

E.g. Modern Languages, Modern Languages and Cultures, French Studies, German Studies, Spanish Studies, Chinese Studies, etc.

Languages and Cultures Accordion Accordion


E.g. Law, Law with Criminology, Law with Politics, etc.

Law Accordion Accordion

Media, Film and Cultural Studies

E.g. Film Studies, Film, Media and Cultural Studies, Film and Creative Writing, Film and Creative Writing, Fine Art and Film, Media and Cultural Studies, etc.

Media, Film and Cultural Studies Accordion Accordion


E.g. Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy and Religion, History, Philosophy and Politics, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, etc.

Philosophy Accordion Accordion

Politics & International Relations

E.g. Politics, International Relations, International Relations and Religious Diversity, Politics and International Relations, Politics and Religious Studies, Politics and Sociology, Politics with Chinese, Politics, International Relations and Management, Peace Studies and International Relations, etc.

Politics Accordion Accordion

Religious Studies

E.g. Religious Studies, Religious Studies and Sociology, Religious Studies with Chinese, Philosophy and Religious Studies, International Relations and Religious Diversity, etc.

Religious Studies Accordion Accordion


E.g. Sociology, Politics and Sociology, Religious Studies with Sociology, Film and Sociology, Criminology and Sociology, etc.

Sociology Accordion Accordion

Social Work

Social Work Accordion Accordion