Support for Masters Students

Support for Masters Students

New bespoke careers advice and workshops especially for Masters students.

Skills Workshops

Our new bespoke workshops for Masters students are designed to equip you with the essential skills you need for your career, delivered by our expert Postgraduate Careers Coach. Just look out for workshops followed by 'for Masters Students' in the title on TARGETconnect.

Assessment Centres

Designed to support you to understand what an assessment centre is, what to expect from your upcoming assessment centre, and how to prepare for the day.

CVs & Cover Letters

Designed to support you to develop and tailor your CV and cover letters for applications and roles you are wanting to apply for.

Business Etiquette & Networking

Supporting you to develop your 'personal pitch'. understand appropriate organisational behaviour and ensure you know how to promote, manage and develop your personal brand.


Covering all variants of interview types and questions, this session will support you to prepare for and be successful at the various stages of an interview processes.

Career Planning

Whether you have no idea what you want to do, or have some ideas, this workshop will help you identify, plan and action your brilliant postgraduate career, regardless of how far along you are in planning.


This practical session will explain what Linked In is, consider the value of the platform, and guide you step by step to create a profile from scratch.

Careers Guidance Appointments

You can book a careers guidance appointment with our Postgraduate Careers Advisor. These 30 minute appointments will provide you with expert help and advice, where you can explore your career options, receive help with applications, and more.

Appointments are available on Monday mornings and Tuesday afternoons. Book on TARGETconnect.