Lancaster Award

The Lancaster Award

What is the Lancaster Award?

The Lancaster Award rewards you for taking part in those extra-curricular activities outside your academic studies that supplement the excellent education you receive at Lancaster University. Developed in partnership with employers, the certificate rewards you for making the most of your time at Lancaster, and enhances your future job prospects by encouraging you to acquire new skills valued by employers. You will undertake a variety of activities and reflect on the skills you have developed.

We want you to stand out from the crowd, and the Lancaster Award will help.

An Introduction to the Lancaster Award

Start your Lancaster Award journey by watching our Introduction to the Lancaster Award. This video will give you an overview of the different levels you can achieve and show you why our graduates and employer partners really value this kind of employability award.

Lancaster Award Q&A

Find out more about the Lancaster Award, including the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Kick Start Your Career

A course explaining how to get your career started by engaging with extra-curricular activities. Completing the course gives you 20 points for the Lancaster Award.

Kick Start Your Career

My Future with a Postgraduate Degree

A short online course, available on Moodle, which will help you plan what you’re going to do after your taught postgraduate degree. Completing the course will give you 20 points towards your Lancaster Award as well as helping you think about your options.

My Future with a Postgraduate Degree

How do I complete the award?

Step 1 - Attend a Lancaster Award workshop

Come along to a Lancaster Award Introductory session - available to book via CareersConnect.

At this session you will learn all about what you need to do to achieve the award, and have the chance to ask any questions.

Step 2 - Register online

Once you have attended one of the introductory workshops, you can register through the student portal.

Step 3 - Get 1 skill checked

You are very welcome to come along to a drop-in and receive feedback on one of your written skills. For fairness and parity with other students we cannot tell you what to write but can provide you with feedback.

Step 4 - Submit

Everyone needs to complete an activities checklist.

For bronze, you also need to complete a video interview, OR examples of 3 skills from the skills bank.

For silver, you also need to complete a video interview, AND examples of 3 skills from the skills bank.

For gold, you also need to complete a video interview, examples of 3 skills from the skills bank AND submit a CV or LinkedIn profile. You can submit this via the Lancaster Award area on Moodle via the student portal. Please note, the module page will appear in your final year of study.

Step 5 - Deadlines


If you are an undergraduate student, the award is submitted in your penultimate year of study (June).Students on placement or a studying abroad at the time of the deadline are given until October of their final year.


If you are a Masters student, your deadline is 13th June. PhD students, please contact Careers to discuss your deadline.

Levels of The Award:

There are three different levels of Lancaster Award; it is up to you which level you aim for.


  • 35 - 40 points from the Activities Checklist;
  • 3 skills from the Skills Bank; or
  • Online interview.


  • 45 - 60 points from the Activities Checklist;
  • 3 skills from the Skills Bank; and
  • Online interview


  • 65+ points from the Activities Checklist;
  • 3 skills from the Skills Bank;
  • Online interview; and
  • CV or LinkedIn profile

Building Points

To achieve the Award you will need to source and complete activities to build up points towards the level of Award you are aiming for. The Careers team can suggest where you can find activities that can count towards the Lancaster Award.

Upon completion of the activities, you will then need to complete assessments based on the typical application process for graduate jobs.

Tab Content: Work Experience

Work Experience

20 points each, minimum 20 hours

With so much competition in the graduate job market it is important you can demonstrate to employers that you have gained some form of work experience.

Any form of work experience will count towards the Award, including full and part-time work.

If you don't currently have a part-time position but are interested in finding a position we have many resources to help - there are part-time work opportunities available on and off campus, and our on-campus Employment & Recruitment Service can help you find part-time work.

Previous Award participants have undertaken include:

  • Industrial placements
  • Summer internships
  • Bar work
  • Retail positions
  • Fundraising
  • Administrative positions
  • Help desk roles
  • Camp America

If you have any questions about work experience, please contact Careers staff and we can advise you of your options.‌

Tab Content: Campus Activity

Campus Activity

10 points each

The wider your range of experiences and skills the more attractive you will be to potential employers.

There are fantastic opportunities to try out new sports and activities. Lancaster University Students' Union (LUSU) have over 170 affiliated societies so there should be something to appeal to everyone. Being an active member of a society or club will not only expand your friendship networks, and help you grow in confidence, but will also give you the opportunity to develop your transferable skills.

Aside from clubs and societies there are many other ways in which to become involved with campus life. You can become a tour guide, a mentor or a student representative.

The following is a list of activities previous Lancaster Award students have undertaken for the Campus Activity element:

  • Student course representative
  • Club or Society executive member
  • College JCR member
  • Active member of student society
  • Student Ambassador
  • University tour guide
  • Mentoring international students
  • International society active member
  • Organising a Study Development trip over the vacation

Tab Content: Volunteering


15 points each, minimum 15 hours

You may already do valuable work within the community, whether here at Lancaster, at home or even globally.

If you’re unsure where to begin, speak to LUSU Involve who offer students the opportunity to get involved with valuable community projects. Lancaster Arts also advertise for volunteers to help support local art projects. You can also search for volunteering opportunities on TARGETconnect, and & check our blog on virtual volunteering.

The following is a list of activities previous Lancaster Award students have undertaken for the Volunteering element:

  • Charity fundraising
  • Mentor at Lancaster Farms
  • Volunteering in a charity shop
  • International volunteering
  • Working at the homeless shelter
  • Citizen’s Advice Bureau
  • Volunteering for Samaritans
  • Volunteering with Animal Care/RSPCA
  • Classroom assistant
  • Scout/Guide leaders
  • Conservation volunteers at Brockholes Nature Reserve

Tab Content: Workshops


5 points each, maximum of 4

There are many career development opportunities whilst you are at university. Careers run a wide range of workshops and employer presentations to help you understand key skills that employers look for in candidates. We also run workshops on CVs, application forms, interviews and assessment centres.

If you’re unsure which workshops can be used to count towards the Lancaster Award, please contact Careers staff who will be happy to advise.


Here are some examples of how you could build your points: