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The IGAC/SPARC Chemistry-Climate Model Initiative (CCMI)

View of Lancaster, UK, with the lake district in the background


The third Chemistry-Climate Model Initiative (CCMI) Workshop was held at Lancaster University from 20-22 May 2014. CCMI is a joint project of IGAC and SPARC with the aim to investigate and understand the historical and projected evolution of stratospheric and tropospheric composition and chemistry, including the links between those domains, and the feedbacks with the physical climate.

To address this goal, CCMI is engaged with chemistry-climate modellers, measurement scientists and data analysts, and many people from a broad range of backgrounds participated in the workshop.

Workshop focus

The main focus was on analysis related to the CCMI Reference simulations (pdf), which are centered on understanding trends and interannual variability of tropospheric and stratospheric composition since 1960 out to 2100, and how the composition interacts with changes in the physical climate.

In addition, talks and posters were presented on topics that included:

  • understanding the interannual variability of constituents
  • presentation of new and improved observations
  • testing our understanding of stratospheric changes (including the role of VSLS)
  • constraining the tropospheric OH budget
  • finding novel ways to use observations and models to constrain processes
  • investigating the role of climate, emission and land cover changes for composition change
  • analyzing stratosphere-troposphere coupling
  • understanding the causes of inter-model differences
  • linking model performance to future projections