Currently a lecturer on Comparative Literature at College of Chinese Language and literature, Hainan Normal University, I focus my research on cultural studies, critical theories and cross-boundary research, recently interested in noise and modern transportations. Based on my PhD research, I have published one book: ‘The Cultural Politics of Railways’, talking about how railways have greatly changed China since the late Qing Dynasty. I also published several papers about noise in Contemporary Chinese cities, one of which was published inChinese Urbanism:Critical Perspectives, edited by Mark Jayne. I have undertaken two research projects (national and provincial) about mobilities in China, which are based on my previous research about trains and mobilities research led by John Urry. And thanks to my visiting experience in Durham University (Sep 2010-Aug 2011), I have been committed to the idea that literature research and critical theories should be interdisciplinary, and indeed, studies of Sociology and HumanGeography have continuously given me inspirations.