Emily Trowell

Emily Trowell

Global Mobilities Network Project Assistant

Emily Trowell, CeMoRe Intern 2019

Hello everyone, I’m a Fine art graduate from Lancaster University and I have recently become the CeMoRe and Global Mobilities Network Intern. I will be working on the redesign of the GMN website and other business within CeMoRe throughout my time here. I will also be working closely with the current administrator Jess Carbutt on improving and adding to the GMN website.

Good news! The GMN website is now in it’s development stage and we are working on making it more accessible and better for the user experience. In order to progress with our redesign on the GMN, we would like to ask members of the network if they would like to share images with us that we could use on the website itself, providing we have the necessary permissions to do so!

If you are interested in sending any images you would like for us to use on the website, please direct these to our administrator Jess Carbutt @ cemore@lancaster.ac.uk. Thank you everyone!