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Thiago Allis, University of São Paulo, Brazil, John Urry Fellow Seminar: “Tourism mobilities”

CeMoRe and the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University are thrilled to announce our John Urry Fellow for 2018-19, Thiago Allis, and to welcome him to Lancaster from 22nd January- 15th February 2019. Thiago will be the second awardee of the John...
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Upcoming Events and News for 2019 Lent Term

  Hello 2019! Here’s a quick overview of news and events for 2019 Lent term. Please keep an eye out on our site and mailing lists for more information as we plan further, and, as always, feel free to get in touch with us at
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Lancaster University Graduate Internship: Global Mobilities Network

Meet some of the team you’ll be working with: Monika Buscher Director of CeMoRe and Professor of Sociology, Lancaster University   Thiago Allis Visiting CeMoRe Fellow, University of São Paulo, Brazil.   David Bissell Associate Professor and...
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Welcoming our John Urry Fellow 2018-19, Thiago Allis

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The Internet of Public Safety Things: Use Cases

The isITethical team are bringing creative ethical impact into innovation and the Internet of Public Safety Things.  The Internet of Public Safety Things: Use Cases Workshop will take place on 4th December 2018. From the workshop description: The workshop aims...
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Mobilities Journal October 2018 Online Article Publications

The online articles published this October in our journal, Mobilities, have, as always, illustrated the inspiring diversity of mobilities research, showcasing the many ways mobilities concepts can be creatively applied and utilised in innovative research...
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‘Walking out’: The Mobilities of Love

Read Lynne Pearce’s full publication here . Published online 08 Sep 2018. “Everybody has their own personal path and is known by it … Paths have their stories, just as people do. (Ingold 2007, xvi)”    “In this article, I propose...
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Bogotá’s innovative and ingenious mobilities

Regarded as one of the most mobility innovative cities in the Global South, Bogotá boasts the most extensive cycle network in Latin America, the most efficient bus rapid transit system in the world (TransMilenio) and the oldest mass cycle parade, the famous...
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Health Data Mobilities & Ethics

The isITethical team are bringing creative ethical impact into innovation with big data in healthcare.  The BIG HEALTH DATA & Privacy Preserving Practices Workshop will take place on 28th November 2018. From the workshop description: Big data has big potential...
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About time: Mobilities Transformation

The Siegen Symposium ‘On Time’ was just inspiring. The organisers – Claudio Coletta (Antwerp), Jörg Potthast, Tobias Röhl, and Susann Wagenknecht (Siegen) set the scene with a careful and thought provoking position paper. They argue that:...
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  • Data Publics Investigating the formation and representation of crowds, groups and clusters in digital economies.
  • BRIDGE Collaborative ICT in large-scale emergency management.
  • SecInCoRe Secure Dynamic Cloud for Information, Communication and Resource Interoperability based on Pan-European Disaster Inventory



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