This is a new initiative to facilitate engagement with Cemore visitors and fellows, as well as researchers at Lancaster who study mobilities or use the mobilities paradigm. Mainly aimed at PhD students, but staff and visitors are more than welcome,  it is an opportunity for us to discuss ideas in progress, develop concepts, methodologies, collaborations, and get feedback from others. Sessions will be running from 10th October 2019 until the end of Lent term 2019 (22nd March 2019). The focus is on work in progress, and ongoing research. Participants will have the opportunity to present aspects of their work or their thinking  in a very friendly environment in order to get critical constructive feedback.

In each session, one person will present their work for up to 30 minutes followed by an hour of questions and discussion. All colloquium sessions will be held 2.30-4pm, in the Mobslab (B37, Bowland North, Lancaster University).

For more information, please message Emily at We look forward to seeing you there to support others’ research.

Please message Emily at if you have any questions.


Our schedule for 2018/19 has now been completed and we are in the process of organising 2019/20. We thank you for your patience.

Session Calendar:

To be determined.