isITethical? is based on collaborative research with practitioners in disaster risk management and IT development:

Collaborations with PSCE, BAPCO, Airbus, Saab, CNet Svenska, CloudSigma,

10+ EUFP7 H2020 projects 35+ Co-design Workshops

An interdisciplinary team of researchers from social science, law, and design have carried out 100+ interviews 70+ days of observations

Review of 1000+ disaster reports and other documents

Key Findings:  Ethical, legal and social issues (ELSI) are contextual, neither ‘in’ the technology nor their use but distributed, ‘solutions’ are socio-technical, require reflexivity.


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The isITethical? Exchange has grown through our collaborations with a range of other partners, including EU projects SecInCoreEPISECCSECTOR,  REDIRNET,  COncORDEBRIDGE.

It is directed by a group of scholars and designers from Lancaster University in collaboration with the Public Safety Communications Europe Network (PSCE).


We are a growing community of practitioners, researchers, commercial developers and policy-makers interested in driving responsible innovation with digital ethics in the field of Disasters and Risk Management (DRM).

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The IsITethical? Exchange develops a digital ethics for responsible ICT research and innovation in disaster risk management. It provides:

  • an overview of ethical, legal, and social issues arising in the context of ICT innovation in disaster risk management guidance on balancing technological potential with fundamental rights and values,
  • summaries of relevant aspects of regulatory frameworks, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),
  • inspiration for design and organisational change that places human rights, values, and practices at the centre of innovation,
  • and links to relevant resources creative novel methods for iterative ethical impact and privacy impact assessment.

It is based on interdisciplinary research on

  • interoperability and collaborative information management (see more here)
  • extensive collaboration with practitioners in public protection and disaster risk, and ICT developers
  • foundational work in shaping a digital ethics and good practices of ethical and privacy impact assessment
  • long-standing experience in interdisciplinary collaborative design projects

The isITethical? Exchange combines

  • an online community portal with a table-top exercise in the form of a board game, and
  • a set of services for high-quality responsible research and innovation, and continued professional development,
  • the isITethical? Table-top game.


The isITethical Exchange is currently funded with £75,000 by the UK Higher Education Innovation Fund. We are a community of resarchers, practitioners, and developers collaborating as a network.


There are many ways to get in touch with us, and we’d love to hear from you. Have your say and share your ideas, stories, opinions and suggestions: