Hello 2019! Here’s a quick overview of news and events for 2019 Lent term. Please keep an eye out on our site and mailing lists for more information as we plan further, and, as always, feel free to get in touch with us at cemore@lancaster.ac.uk.

Upcoming Events Lent Term 2019

15th January
Research Colloquium:
Yulia Golovanova:
“Consumption of Emotions in Couch-Surfing Practices”
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23rd January
Reading Group: “The Great Mobilities Transformation”,
Kafka and Polanyi
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29th January
Research Colloquium:
Wescley Xavier:
“The Favoured Circle of Culture”
More info coming soon

4th February 
John Urry Fellow, Thiago Allis Seminar
“Tourism  mobilities: pursuing a new approach on tourism studies”
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12th February
Research Colloquium:
Noel Cass:
“Mobiles for Mobility- a Reflection and Proposal”
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19th February
Cosmin Popan, “Bicycle Utopias” Guest Presentation
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26th February
CeMoRe February Showcase
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12th March
Research Colloquium
Peter Fuzesi
More info coming soon

March (date TBC)
Literary Geographies and Mobilities
in Collaboration with the Department of English Literature and Creative Writing 

2019 Visiting Researchers  

We are delighted that so many researchers already are planning to visit CeMoRe and Lancaster in 2019. Most will be engaging with or hosting events during their time here, and we will keep you updated on their plans. Our visitors are keen to meet others interested in their fields of research, to share their work with us, and to also learn more about the research being done here at Lancaster, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with them- either directly or through Jess at cemore@lancaster.ac.uk. 

Thiago Allis Profile 
January – February 2019
John Urry Fellow, 2018-19 and Assistant Professor at the School of Arts,
Sciences and Humanities (EACH), at
University of São Paulo, Brazil

Jie Zhang Profile
January – February 2019
Currently a lecturer on Comparative Literature at College of Chinese
Language and literature, Hainan Normal University.

Caroline Molloy Profile
February CeMoRe Showcase 2019
Examining the visual habitus of transcultural photographs working
with a Diasporic Anglo-Turkish group in London.

Ragnhild Dahl Wikstrøm Profile
February CeMoRe Showcase 2019
Doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Sociology and Human
Geography, the University of Oslo (Norway)

Stephanie Sodero Profile
February CeMoRe Showcase 2019
A Banting Postdoctoral Fellow, researching vital mobilities at the
University of Edinburgh (Medical Anthropology).

Margherita Cisani Profile
January-March 2019
Research fellow in Geography at the University of Padova (Italy)

Earvin Charles Cabalquinto Profile
June 2019
Lecturer in the School of Communication and Creative Arts
at Deakin University.

Other News:

CeMoRe Intern January-March 2019

We’re excited to be welcoming our new intern, Emily Trowell, to CeMoRe this January for her three-month internship with us. Emily is an art graduate from Lancaster University who will be working with both CeMoRe and the Global Mobilities Network (GMN) team redesigning the new GMN website and assisting with the running of CeMoRe during our busy Lent term. You can view Emily’s website here, and if you’d like to pop by and and say hello, she will be based in the CeMoRe Administrators’ Office (B39, Bowland North).

John Urry Fellow 2018-19

Our 2018-2019 John Urry Fellow, Thiago Allis, from Sao Paulo Unversity, Brazil, will be visiting us between 22nd January and 15th February. Thiago will host a seminar 4th February: “Tourism  mobilities: pursuing a new approach on tourism studies” More info. In addition to this, he will be working closely with CeMoRe’s director, Professor Monika Buscher, in order to develop a digital platform aiming to organize and facilitate public and virtual access to John Urry’s private library, which has been donated to the University of São Paulo and will soon be transferred there. This collection should contribute greatly to increase mobility research in Brazil and Latin America, allowing other researchers to get in touch with this subject and to propose other initiatives that continue reverberating the brilliant thoughts on mobilities unfolded by John and many of his colleagues. Additionally, he will be hosting a reading group, the details of which are to be announced soon.

Calls for CeMoRe Fellowships 2018-19

Our calls for applications for our CeMoRe fellowships will be coming out soon, but we are happy to say that we have been able to secure the necessary funding (yipee!). 

Image Source: Pixabay