CeMoRe Upcoming Events:

After a busy introductory term to 2018-19 at Lancaster, we’re onto planning more events and preparing to host even more visiting researchers at CeMoRe. We’d be delighted if you could join us for any of our events, and please share the news and invite any colleagues you think might be interested.

As always, any questions please get in touch at cemore@lancaster.ac.uk. If you’d like to join anything remotely, just let us know your Skype ID in advance, or ask to join us via our Double Robot. If you’re interested in joining us as a self-funded researcher, please get in touch!

Landscape, Literature and Mobilities 

6th March 2019
1-3pm Sociology Kitchen Space, B Floor Bowland North, Lancaster Uni
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Is there an App for that? Data Mobilities and Disaster CeMoRe
@ Campus in the City
9th and 13th March 2019 
9-3.30pm St Nicholas Arcade, Lancaster
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Mobilising Landscape Education: Research Colloquium
19th March 2019
Bowland Seminar Room 8, Lancaster Uni
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Mobilising Social Science: ESRC IAA Launch
2nd April 2019
11-2pm Imagination Lab, LICA Building, Lancaster Uni
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Public Safety Communications Conference
4th-6th June 2019
8-5pm, Lancaster Uni
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International Mobility Humanities Conference 2019
24th-25th June 2019
Lancaster University Conference Centre

Theme: Exploring Lives and Cultures through the Lens of Mobility Humanities

Merriman and Pearce (2017) put forward an exciting challenge to the “new mobilities paradigm” by arguing that arts and humanities approaches to movement and mobility can benefit from an understanding of “kin-aesthetics.” Through this approach, Merriman and Pearce suggest we can examine the ways in which “movement is enacted, felt, perceived, expressed, metered, choreographed, appreciated and desired.”

Building on the argument further, AMH proposes that mobility humanities refers to the real and virtual movement of people, objects, ideas and relationships as a result of the development of mobility technologies such as trains, cars, airplanes, the Internet and mobile devices, thinking through the concept of the co-evolution of humans and technology. It also involves the shifting of social relations, which include the transformation of space (urban) composition and demographics, the transformation of labour and capital, the transformation of power or governance.

We invite scholars to interrogate the notion of “mobility humanities” as a new mode of analysis to think through past viewpoints on boundaries, cultures and movement at this one-day conference. The format will include paper presentations and round-table discussions.

How to participate:

Please send an abstract (500 words max) and a short biography by e-mail to Dr Farrah Sheikh, KU Academy of Mobility Humanities on farrahnazh@konkuk.ac.kr and CC cemore@lancaster.ac.uk.

Essential Readings:

  • Peter Merriman & Lynne Pearce (2017) Mobility and the humanities, Mobilities, 12:4, 493-508.
  • John Urry (2007),Mobilities, Cambridge: Polity Press.

CeMoRe News:


ESRC IAA Funding 

We are excited to inform you that Lancaster University recently received formal confirmation of funding for our Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Impact Acceleration Account (IAA).
The ESRC IAA is worth £1 million over the next four years up to 31st March 2023. It is dedicated to creating new opportunities for social research to make a positive contribution to society and the economy and develop the impact of research.
We will be holding a launch event on Tuesday 2nd April 2019 at 11am to 2pm in the Imagination Lab of the LICA Building at Lancaster University. We will be celebrating our award and sharing more details about the IAA and our first funding call then.
Feel free to forward this update to interested colleagues. Read more>>

John Urry Library Progress

Now that Thiago Allis, our John Urry Fellow for 2018-19, has finished his visit at Lancaster University, we are finalising our preparations ready for John Urry’s private library to make the journey across the Atlantic Ocean to its new home at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Thiago will be working with students at Sao Paulo to develop a digital platform for public consultation of Urry’s work to help develop a regional centre of mobilities studies in Brazil.

Visiting Researchers

We’ve already been so grateful to all our visitors this year for sharing their research, time and enthusiasm with us at CeMoRe. We’re excited to be looking forward to soon also be welcoming:

Ragnhild Dahl Wikstrøm

Ragnhild Dahl Wikstrøm

Ph.D. candidate in Human Geography at the University of Oslo

Working on a research project named Smart Mobility suburbs (SMS). Research interests include: urban studies and suburbanisation, daily mobilities, sustainable transition, qualitative methods.

Marén Schorch

Universität Siegen

Marén Schorch currently works at the Socio-Informatics & CSCW, Universität Siegen. Marén is a qualitative social researcher focusing on extreme events, health and biography. Her current project is the junior researchers group “KontiKat”.

Earvin Charles Cabalquinto

Earvin Charles Cabalquinto

Lecturer in the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Deakin University, Australia

Research expertise lies in the intersections of digital media, mobilities and migration.

Anna-Leena Toivanen

Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Eastern Finland

PhD Anna-Leena Toivanen works as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu. She obtained her doctorate in 2010 at the University of Jyväskylä with a study on two Zimbabwean writers, Yvonne Vera and Dambudzo Marechera. The study focused on issues of nationhood in the context of the Zimbabwe crisis. In her ongoing research project, Toivanen studies the tensions of nationhood and globalization in the context of Sub-saharan African women’s writing. The study employs a comparative approach by looking into both Anglo- and Francophone African women’s literatures.

Benjamin Schwarz

PhD Student in the Department of Social Science at Roskilde University, Netherlands

Benjamin is working on a PhD degree in Social Science at Roskilde University. He will be supervised by CeMoRe Director, Joe Deville, during his stay at Lancaster University.




Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/JdjdIjzJl94