Short Answer: Amazing. For the past three months, I have been privileged with working alongside the CeMoRe team in Lancaster and now that my internship is drawing to a close, the first thing that I must say is a huge thank you! My time here has been wonderful and enriching beyond my expectations thanks to the enthusiastic and accommodating staff and the engaging work that they have encouraged me to become involved with. You can see my first blog here. 

Everyone here is a credit to CeMoRe, their curiosity, ability and dedication make the centre a rich, diverse and vibrant place to belong to and a place that undoubtedly has a prosperous and exciting future ahead. Although this internship was, for me, an introduction into the world of mobilities, I was never excluded, but continually involved in all aspects of work and given meaningful responsibility as part of this team. Being invited to take part in workshops, meetings, conferences and reading groups enabled me to gain an in-depth insight into the activities CeMoRe organise and the research it takes part in worldwide, giving me a more solid understanding of mobilities research and its applications in both the academic and real world.

Yet not only was my experience valuable in terms of improving my knowledge of and sparking my curiosity around mobilities, I also benefitted from learning skills that are highly useful for many different future career pathways. The internship role allowed me to gain experience relating to digital communications, online content sourcing, writing, editing and publishing, web-design, advertising, administration work and social media management. I would highly recommend this internship to other recent Lancaster graduates as an excellent first step to gain the valuable experience that companies and firms expect from applicants.

The CeMoRe team gave me much more independence, flexibility and choice in my work than I could have expected. They were highly understanding of the fact that I still had commitments with my part-time job in the English Literature and Creative Writing department, and I really appreciated that they listened to what kind of work experience I would like to have and what skills I would like to work on so that my time here prepared me with everything I needed for finding my ideal graduate job afterwards.

During my time here, I was a content writer for the CeMoRe WordPress website, sourcing material to use for blog posts and project pages through interviewing staff and through contacting worldwide CeMoRe affiliates. Additionally, I was one of the site’s editors and administrators, uploading and advertising events, fixing site errors and improving its general layout and design. I created and kept the Migrancy Research Group’s website up to date, redrafted CeMoRe’s digital strategy, monitored CeMoRe’s social media accounts, helped to launch the Global Mobilities Network and assisted with the general running of and the presention of the outcomes of the Mobile Utopia conference.

CeMoRe is such a friendly and dynamic place to work, I am so grateful that I was able to gain this opportunity and that I could meet so many inspiring people along the way. Once again, thank you for such a valuable and enjoyable experience and I’m looking forward to my new role as CeMoRe’s administrator! Good luck to future interns!