Bespoke learning for workplace performance

CETAD is a centre for excellence in Work Based Learning offering a new model of higher education.

Our approach is designed to meet the needs of work based learners.

We focus on enabling you to learn for work, learn from work and to learn in a way and at times that are flexible and responsive to your work context. Programmes are delivered face-to-face and by interactive distance learning, so distance is no barrier to you taking part. We have regional, national and international learners. Find out more about our Online+ delivery.

Being part of Lancaster University ensures that our approach has rigour, uniting theory with practice. You will be introduced to new concepts, models of best practice and the most current thinking and be supported to transfer this learning into your work and professional practice.

What we offer

Working with individuals, teams, organisations and businesses, we take pride in:

A personalised, flexible, negotiated approach

No ‘one size fits all’! Our starting point is you: your needs, experience, objectives and aspirations. From here we work with you to shape your course. We take account of prior learning, respecting and valuing the learning that comes through experience.  We excel at supporting those who may not have studied for some time.  Our flexible qualification frameworks allow us to design highly bespoke courses leading to University qualifications.

See more about our Learning Pathway.

Facilitating learning

We pay equal attention to both the process of learning and the subject matter, empowering individuals to manage their own learning.  We place emphasis on sustainable learning so that individuals and organisations can continue to learn and manage change.  Broader and deeper than ‘training’ we develop the high level knowledge and skills in learning, research, critical analysis and personal effectiveness needed to manage complexity and change.


Our courses are practical, relevant and useful as well as academically rigorous; our staff have both academic and practitioner experience. Work Based Learning recognises that professionals seek solutions to problems from a range of different fields and we focus on the ‘trans-disciplinary’ learning which is relevant for you and your work context.  Rather than producing essays or dissertations, your learning will be based around real work activities and projects.

Working in partnership

We work in partnership with learners and employers, valuing your expertise as well as sharing ours.  You will find us genuinely collaborative, supportive and ‘learner-centred’. We will work with you to understand and shape your objectives, taking account of the challenges and constraints and co-design learning courses to meet specific outcomes.

Making a difference

Our distinctive approach is built around practice and action, informed by theory (not the other way round!). We align professional development for individuals to the business needs of organisations.  You will develop your professional standing and your organisation will see the results in terms of your performance, improvements to practice and organisational performance.