Learning Pathway

Work based learners have diverse backgrounds and different needs and aspirations so we provide highly personalised courses to match individual needs.

Whichever course you choose you will follow these steps:

Step 1: Personal Planning Session

You get to know us and we get to know you. We have different courses on offer and all have 'core and options' so it is important to take the time at the start to help you choose the best route. If you are interested in the Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) we assess whether this might be a good option for you.

There's no charge and no obligation. It's a good opportunity to get information, ask questions and decide what you want to do.

Please contact us to reserve a place; this can be by face-to-face meeting or telephone.

Step 2. APL?

If you go forward to make an Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) claim then this is your next step as it will give exemption from parts of your course. APL is the award of credit for prior learning. If you are not making an APL claim, skip to step 3.

Step 3: Meet your Mentor

If you enrol on a programme that leads to a qualification (Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma or Masters) you will have a personal Work Based Learning Mentor who will support your learning throughout the course.

Step 4: Your modules

Modules are building blocks in higher education qualifications. All routes start with a negotiation of modules, timescales and target qualifications. As you progress through your modules, you will be supported by tutors and your Work Based Learning Mentor. You will also have the opportunity to learn from students in your learning group through the hosted learning forums and other facilitated online activities.   

Broadly you may experience 3 different types of module, depending on your qualification:

Taught modules where you learn about concepts, models, tools and techniques that you can apply at work. They are an ideal introduction to the knowledge and skills base of a subject area. 'Taught' does not mean purely instructional. We use a range of methods to facilitate your learning, integrating academic and practitioner perspectives and supporting reflection on and learning through experience.

Your Learning modules where we support you to develop skills and practices in learning and study.

Project modules where your work and learning are integrated; you learn while carrying out projects at work. They allow for more self-directed, independent Work Based Learning and direct application into practice.

When we design qualifications based on these 'building blocks' we build in progression from 'novice' to 'expert'. We take account of your prior learning and experience (including giving academic credit for this where appropriate) and enable you to negotiate the course that is best for you. We place great emphasis on supporting your learning development which is why you will have a Work Based Learning Mentor working alongside you throughout your course.

Or Start Bite-sized?

If you just want to take a module on a specific topic, that's fine. Our modules are freestanding and also count as building blocks in qualifications so you can either attend a Personal Planning Session at the start or come back later to find out how to progress further if you'd like to.