Courses available through CPD Apply at Lancaster University

Health Education North West funded Continuing Professional Development for Clinically Registered Staff

We focus on areas such as clinical leadership, innovation, improvement and change management and personal effectiveness. We offer modules at the University or at NHS sites and also design bespoke development programmes for organisations.

Our modules focus on key concepts, ideas, tools and techniques that you can apply at work.   They minimise time off work and provide a mix of face-to-face sessions, interactive web-based learning and work based learning. Taught by supportive staff you will also benefit by networking and learning from other professionals. The modules are usually delivered over approximately a 10 week period; assessments are work-based. Formal qualifications are not essential in order to apply. The modules carry credits at HE levels 6 and 7 and as well as being free-standing they are building blocks in qualifications. We offer all students the opportunity to attend a Personal Planning Session to help determine the right module or pathway to meet your needs.

Bespoke programmes are usually based on employer premises and delivered for groups of staff.

Are you are a healthcare employee in the North West, wanting to apply for a CPD/Post Qualification training module? If so, you can apply online.