Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust – Graduate Scheme

Masters in Professional Practice as part of a Graduate Scheme

CETAD is currently working collaboratively with Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust, delivering a tailor made Masters qualification as part of the Trust’s General Management Graduate Scheme.

Prior to the start of the Trust’s Graduate Scheme, CETAD discussed development requirements with the Trust in order to put together a bespoke Masters qualification – MSc in Professional Practice (Health Service Management).

With CETAD’s expertise in work based learning, management, leadership and organisational change, the work based learning approach ensures the programme of learning is practical, relevant and focuses on applying learning into workplace practice.

The programme consists of a blend of workshops, action learning sets and personal mentor support.

Clare Swarbrick, Graduate Scheme Co-ordinator at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said:

“I feel incredibly proud of our scheme and the work-based focus of the Masters has been so valuable in helping us to focus on the trainees learning AND service improvement. It enables the trainees to apply their learning directly into practice. CETAD has been very flexible and the bespoke approach to the programme development has meant that we can adapt to the needs of our organisation and our services. The projects are a great way for us to evaluate impact and develop both our services and the trainee”