Gauteng Healthcare - Leadership Programme

An innovative postgraduate healthcare leadership programme was developed and delivered to 22 Chief Executive Officers and Senior Leaders of hospitals, clinics and healthcare services in the Gauteng province of South Africa from May 2016 – August 2017.  

The programme was a blend of residential master classes, facilitated online learning, knowledge-exchange, action learning and personal coaching.

The design and ongoing facilitation of the programme was highly responsive to the participants’ needs with the programme content reflecting data emerging from early diagnostic of their leadership and personal development needs. As the programme progressed, content and processes were flexible to respond to the diverse needs of the students (levels of seniority, experience, educational background, workplace context), the requirements of the commissioning employer and emerging opportunities to use technology to facilitate high quality learning at a distance.

The students completed their programme with a work-based project that focused on the analysis of real work place issues to explore the scope for solutions and to progress actions through effective leadership.  These projects demonstrated the commitment of the participants to implement their learning into their practice with fantastic scope to transfer from one setting to another.  Beyond the programme the participants wish to sustain their learning with and from each other and further develop their collective leadership relationships generated through this programme to make a real impact on leading Gauteng Healthcare. 

Some student feedback from the programme: 

I am so grateful to have been included on this programme and to see how everybody has changed from the beginning to the end.  This has been a life changing programme for me and I am so incredibly grateful to have shared knowledge and experience, especially as it has given me insight into the challenges in the province and how many people it takes to bring about change and how hard it is actually to bring about that change.  More than anything it has given me so much optimism for what we can achieve in the province

The supportive nature and progressive encouragement of all in this Programme will remain with me for a long time. Lancaster University's CETAD Team will always occupy a special place in my development and growth as manager and leader in my employment/work history. You have written a very important chapter in my book of life