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Postgraduate Programme

The MSc International Innovation ran from September 2014, with final applications closing in September 2016.


One of the key resources available to UK companies engaged on the Lancaster China Catalyst Programme has been access to a graduate support team. These graduates worked with UK and Chinese partners on specific R&D and commercialisation projects. Graduates used this project work and associated taught postgraduate provision to study for the award of an MSc in International Innovation.

Graduates were drawn from science, technology, engineering, management, and design backgrounds, with 6 different schemes of study reflecting their academic background, future interests and career aspirations.

Projects undertaken by students working in graduate teams took place in both the UK and China. Graduates registered on the programme received a £16,000 tax free bursary to support them over the period of study. Tuition fees still applied.

Current Students' Views of the MSc International Innovation

“Completing the MSc International Innovation course and going to China will make me a unique person and mean I stand out from the crowd”
Egbal Aslami (Design Pathway)

“Taking language classes and culture classes equips me with the tools to feel comfortable and prosper on the high-impact collaborative project in China”
Freida Ravi Kuma (Engineering Pathway)

“Working on a project for a real company in China over a period of several months makes the MSc International Innovation programme very attractive”
Qin Liao (Environmental Science Pathway)

“Doing the MSc International Innovation programme at one of the UK’s best business schools means students gain unbelievable global business exposure along with learning the Chinese language, making valuable connections and incredible networking opportunities, this makes this course second to none”
Toby Venning (Entrepreneurship Pathway)

“I’m not aware of any other course that allows students to obtain an MSc degree and at the same time gain real industrial experience which is so valuable”
Freida Ravi Kuma (Engineering Pathway)