Audio Visual

We provide high-quality, creative and thoughtful conference AV to make sure your message comes across loud and clear.


We understand the importance of sound during your event and we will make sure you are heard whatever the audience size. We make sure your guests' audio experience is great wherever they are sitting. Equipment includes:

  • Handheld microphones and lapel mics
  • Speaker systemsLighting

Getting the lighting right for your event is essential to set the right scene. Here at Lancaster Conferences and Events+ can provide you with a lighting package to ensure your event is presented in the best light.


Whether it is a simple PowerPoint presentation that needs to be presented to your guests or another form of visual its there to be seen. We can provide you with a range of different screens and projectors which will allow you to present high-quality visuals to interest your audience.

Live Streaming

Live streaming and hybrid events are even more popular now than ever with social distancing measures in place. We have hybrid and virtual solutions available via our in-house digital team. Please contact us so we can understand your individual requirements and suggest the best solution for you.

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