Emma Learns How to Create an Award Winning Customer Journey

Emma Learns How to Create an Award Winning Customer Journey

On Thursday 7th February, Emma Nichols, our Sales Coordinator, attended Venues of Excellence’s ‘Creating an Award Winning Customer Journey’ training course.

The course encourages participants to step into their customer’s shoes and challenge and innovate all aspects of the Customers Journey, from initial enquiry through to delivery. By understanding the customer, participants can build a positive, successful and truly memorable event.

Emma took part on the course to refresh her skills and knowledge on creating a memorable customer journey. By encouraging participants to look at their venue through the ‘customer eyes’, Emma was able to understand the customers’ objectives.

So, what was the top three things Emma took away from the course?

“It was really interesting to develop my skills in securing lifetime value. By building a relationship with a customer you’re able understand the key details and know how to extract them. The course also advised how to overcome bumps and potholes and explained the importance of a ‘can do’ approach.

All of the topics I learnt on the course will allow me to work smarter in my everyday role. For me, securing lifetime value is an extremely important part in the overall customer journey.”

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