Off-site Sessions

A day away. A lasting impact. There are some kinds of work that don’t actually happen at work. When the day-in, day-out atmosphere of the workplace can stifle new ideas or fresh thinking.

When bringing teams together from different offices (or departments, or even floors) demands something bigger. Or when a new space can offer neutral ground for open conversation and challenging decisions.

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A change of environment can make a world of difference – and we have a vast variety of different environments on offer. When it’s time to step away from the desk and out of the everyday, we have the rooms, breakout areas, lecture theatres and great halls to meet any need. Then there are the outdoor areas, unique buildings and even a golf course.

Whether you need to shake things up or bring people together, our team is ready to help you find the off-site space to do it.

At Lancaster, you can shape every aspect of your event to your needs. There is no off-the-shelf package or programme – you build the bespoke experience that’s right for your needs.

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