Bowland North

With a wide number of rooms and spaces, Bowland North offers flexibility on a grand scale. As well as two lecture theatres, both of which can host an audience of up to 140 people, there are no fewer than 27 meeting rooms of various sizes, for groups between 20 and 60 people.

And, while the capacity varies, all these rooms offer natural light, easy Wi-Fi access and all the AV equipment you could need for presentations, meetings and interactive sessions.

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With such a wide range of spaces on offer, Bowland North’s flexibility makes it an excellent setting for multi-faceted or multi-stage events, from assessment centres to complex training programmes to team-building sessions. And, because it’s only a short walk from our other facilities at the Faraday, LICA and Great Hall, it can also provide the perfect setting for breakout meetings or parallel sessions as part of a large-scale conference event.

We’re ready to help you unlock the potential at Bowland North – finding the right selection, layout and support services to make a success of your event.

Room Capacities




Capacity (various layout options available).

20 43 60

Number of seminar rooms available.

27 2 3

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At Lancaster, you can shape every aspect of your event to your needs. There is no off-the-shelf package or programme – you build the bespoke experience that’s right for your needs.

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