Great Hall

From grand openings and showpiece finales to glittering ceremonies and keynote talks, our Great Hall provides the space for major events.

It’s a space made for presenting awards, giving talks, sharing ideas and entertaining guests (and, in our case, awarding degrees).

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As the name suggests, it’s the biggest space at Lancaster University – a theatre for an audience of up to 800, a banquet hall for up to 340 diners, or an exhibition hall for 250 guests. It offers the adaptability, the space and the technical facilities to offer the setting for major standalone events, ceremonies and speeches. And, because it’s only a short stroll from our facilities at LICA and the Faraday Complex, it's also provides a fitting stage for kicking off or concluding major conferences.

Room Capacities





Great Hall

800 300 340 250

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The Conference Centre

Our dedicated venue provides the variety, flexibility and services to meet the demands of all sorts of conferences.

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The perfect venue is a combination of space, service and setting. On all three counts, Forrest Hills excels.

Private Dining Room

Our Private Dining Room provides a versatile space for every kind of mealtime.

George Fox Building

In reality, the George Fox Building is not a venue, but a succession of venues.

At Lancaster, you can shape every aspect of your event to your needs. There is no off-the-shelf package or programme – you build the bespoke experience that’s right for your needs.

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