Event Planning

Your event. Our expertise.

With a portfolio like ours, we have the perfect space for a broad range of events. Rooms for meetings, halls for banquets, suites for receptions and theatres for lectures – not to mention dining facilities, overnight accommodation and outdoor spaces. Yet the physical space is just the beginning. We also offer the human element, with a team full of experience and expertise.

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From the first steps of planning to last-minute queries and requests, our professionals are on hand and ready to help. We can take you through your options for buildings, rooms and layouts, ensuring you have the perfect space to meet your needs. We can provide the technical support to put our technology at your fingertips, for presentations, exhibitions and screenings. And, with the support of our catering team, we can lay on everything from a morning cup of coffee to a feast for hundreds.

We understand that events can seem daunting and we know that every detail matters. But whatever your needs, we’re here to help.

The Conference Centre

Our dedicated venue provides the variety, flexibility and services to meet the demands of all sorts of conferences.

Forrest Hills

The perfect venue is a combination of space, service and setting. On all three counts, Forrest Hills excels.

Private Dining Room

Our Private Dining Room provides a versatile space for every kind of mealtime.

George Fox Building

In reality, the George Fox Building is not a venue, but a succession of venues.

At Lancaster, you can shape every aspect of your event to your needs. There is no off-the-shelf package or programme – you build the bespoke experience that’s right for your needs.

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