Teaching sites

Lancaster University Confucius Institute supports a number of teaching sites, including 2 sites located in schools, known as Confucius Classrooms. Confucius Classrooms are intended as teaching sites of both Chinese Language and Culture to the pupils (and staff), but also serve as a hub for providing such lessons and activities to other schools in their area.

Currently the Confucius Institute has 2 working classrooms in the UK, as well as a number of other teaching sites throughout the North West.

Anchorsholme Academy

The first of the Confucius Institute’s official teaching partners, Anchorsholme Academy in Blackpool was approved by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) in November 2014, and officially launched on 20th May 2015. Pupils aged 7-11 have lessons in Chinese language and culture for one hour per week. Anchorsholme also prides itself on their outreach programs with other schools in Blackpool, allowing Chinese to be taught on an even greater scale.

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Hawes Side Academy

Hawes Side Academy is our second Confucius Classroom, as well as our second in Blackpool. It was approved in July 2016 and was officially opened on 17th March 2017. Hawes Side Academy Confucius Classroom delivers weekly Chinese language and cultural lessons to all children from Year 1 to Year 6. They also provide outreach work to seven local primary and secondary schools. Hawes Side Academy introduced Mandarin Chinese to their curriculum in 2012, in association with Anchorsholme. In addition, with support from Robin Hood School (Birmingham), Chinese studies at Hawes Side have gone from strength to strength.

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Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery

Our newest teaching site, Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery in Carlisle is intended to provide both Chinese language and culture education, similar to the two Confucius Classrooms. However, this unlike the classrooms, our work at Tullie House is also designed to take full advantage of the location within a museum to promote Chinese culture. Mandarin Chinese lessons are available to a number of groups, including local people, members of Tullie House staff, business people, students in Carlisle, and schoolchildren, either on Tullie House premises or in school. This site also aims to:

1. Organise workshops/film sessions/engagement activities on Chinese culture.

2. Work with Tullie House and its partners to promote Chinese language and culture through other means in Carlisle, e.g. through hosting visiting delegations or performances from China.

3. Support TH to explain the culture of China through the artefacts in its collection. This may involve helping to prepare labels, catalogues, descriptions of objects, websites, and/or translation work from English to Chinese.

4. Assist in developing links with museums in China.

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