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Community Events

We are involved in a number of events that are open to the local community. We aim to run events for all ages and groups, so there's something for everyone!

Tab Content: Chinese Days in Schools

Our teachers can provide local schools with tailored sessions about China and Chinese language and culture. Typically, these are held from January to March in order to coincide with the Lunar New Year, and during the Summer term. However, we are always willing to engage with schools at any time of the year, so if you would like us to arrange a visit as part of a Language Week, or even for a regular class in your school, please contact us to enquire!

Our Chinese Days are designed to be interchangeable:

  1. We can offer classes and activities based around learning basic Chinese language and about China itself. These can include lessons concerning China as a country, Chinese history, and overviews about Chinese holidays, eg Lunar New Year and the Chinese Zodiac.
  2. We can lead practical activities about traditional Chinese artistic and cultural activities, such as calligraphy, lantern-making, paper cutting, and Chinese knotting.

Prior to our visit, we can work with a school to produce a timetable, to help decide whether our visit is for a particular class, a year group, key stage, or even to an entire school. We will take into consideration a school’s timetable, pupil numbers, and how many of our teachers can attend on the day.

Our Chinese Days are led by qualified teachers from China, who can work with a school's teaching staff to tailor the session to their curriculum. We have made many successful visits to schools in our local area, and consistently receive very positive feedback from both pupils and staff.

"Thank you so much to the Confucius Institute for coming and teaching us about the Lunar New Year. The children loved learning how to say and sing 'Happy New Year' in Mandarin. They were so excited to receive the red envelopes and it was wonderful to learn the calligraphy of 'fu' with ink and brushes - especially as they could take their creations home to decorate their houses in preparation for the New Year. It was a really special and engaging session." – St Thomas’s Primary School, Kendal

Chinese days at local schools news article

Chinese Days

Tab Content: Lancaster City Events

We regularly participate in events which get us out and about in Lancaster and Morecambe.

Look out for us in annual public events such as:

  • Campus In The City - We're proud to be a regular participant in Lancaster University's Campus In The City programme, which brings departments into Lancaster itself, running fun and educational activities for local people to enjoy. As well as welcoming people and answering their questions about China and it's culture, we also try to give them something to enjoy. Showing off a traditional tea ceremony is always a big hit!
  • Light Up Lancaster - With their passion for fireworks, light, and art, Chinese culture is right as home in Light Up Lancaster. We've partnered with a number of artists and groups to create beautiful art pieces that have featured at Light Up Lancaster over the past few years, and we're in no hurry to stop attending!
  • "Catch the Wind" Kite Festival - an annual outdoor event in Morecambe. Since kites are believed to have some of their earliest origins in China, we think this is a wonderful opportunity for us to engage with local people, and spread some interest in traditional Chinese culture.

Catch the wind kite festival

Tab Content: Dragon Boat Race

We are proud to be part of a fantastic group of Confucius Institutes based at Universities and colleges in the North West, including:

  • Edge Hill Confucius Institute
  • Liverpool Confucius Institute
  • Manchester Confucius Institute
  • UCLan Confucius Institute
  • Wigan and Leigh College Confucius Classroom

These Confucius Institutes work together to hold an annual North West Confucius Institute Dragon Boat Race. Each Confucius Institute sends a team to race against the others. These teams are typically made up of students and/or staff from their wider university/college, and attendees to their Confucius Institute, so local people are also welcome to take part!

Anyone over 18 (or younger with parental consent) is welcome to register their interest in taking part, even if you would just like to come along on the day to spectate and cheer our team on. Our team is provided with their personalised T-Shirt/uniform to wear on the day, and we also will provide our team with transport to and from the event as well as pay for their lunch at the event. We also organise a training session for the team shortly before the event.

Tab Content: Chinese Summer School

We know that finding fun activities for young children over the summer break can be difficult, which is why we run an annual Chinese Summer School for primary children (ages 6-11) every year.

Our Summer School introduces children to Chinese language, mixing learning of basic words and phrases with learning songs and dances. We work to blend teaching of language and culture with fun and games to keep children occupied and entertained.

Summer School Work

Tab Content: Easter Study Trip

Anyone learning Chinese with us as part of their degree or through our extra-curricular classes is welcome to apply to go on our annual Study Trip to China, which takes place during the Easter Break (usually from the last week in March to first week in April).

For further information, please check out our dedicated page.