Chinese Extracurricular Classes

Please Note: Our extracurricular Chinese language classes for the upcoming Lent Term (January-March) will be offered as online classes.

The Confucius Institute offers a number of extracurricular classes, open to all. Learn to speak, read & write in Chinese, exercise your body with Tai Chi & Wu Shu, or practice your skill at Chinese Painting & Calligraphy.

Enrolment for our courses now open via the LU Online Store.

Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish classes are also offered through DeLC.

If you cannot find a class that you can attend, or if you would like to see us offer something different, please contact us for a discussion. We are here to help!

Language Courses

We hold termly courses teaching Mandarin Chinese, with classes for numerous levels of ability. Anyone and everyone is welcome to learn, and classes are available to attend and repeat at your leisure.

Tai Chi & Wushu Courses

We are currently unable to offer Taichi & Wushu but if you are interested in future classes, email and we will contact you when classes are runnning.

Calligraphy and Painting Courses

We will be unable to offer our Calligraphy & Painting course during the Lent term, but if you are interested in future classes, please contact us for any updates.