Cultural classes

We offer a varied programme of cultural classes including our Tai Chi, Wushu, and Chinese Calligraphy & Painting.


Registration & Payment can be made on our Online Store Pages. If you wish to pay by other means, please visit us in The Roundhouse. 

We are also working towards all of our Extracurricular classes being available for LU staff to sign up to via Flexible Benefits.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art practiced for both its health benefits and defence training which has its roots in Taoism. It combines profound principles, theories and martial art techniques. It is the cultivation of one's internal energy, mind and the physical body that make it so unique and challenging.

On campus, we offer weekly classes for 10 weeks each term, from beginner to intermediate. Classes are priced at £30 per term, and are held for 1 hour each, either at lunchtimes, from 12:00-13:00  or 13:00-14:00, or in evenings from 18:15-19:15 (classes shall start from 18:15 so attendees can take advantage of free car parking on campus after 18:00).

Off campus, we offer 2 drop-in classes in Lancaster- firstly, we offer a class open to all, on Mondays at The Storey Institute from 6:15pm-7:15pm, and we also lead a class mainly reserved for over 50's on Wednesdays at the Friends Meeting House, from 2:00-3:30pm.


Wushu, or Kongfu, was a  system of codified practices and traditions of training for combat. Today, it is done for various reasons including combat skills, fitness, self-defence, sport, self-cultivation (meditation), mental discipline, character development and building self-confidence. We will teach Chang Quan(Long Fist style), which is one of Kongfu styles and has a long history particularly in North China. It is characterized by its hand and leg attacks for a long distance and fully extended movements and considered to contain a good balance of hand and foot techniques.

We offer a 10 week course on campus each term, with both beginner and intermediate classes. Much like our Tai Chi classes, these are held for 1 hour each, either at lunchtimes, from 12:00-13:00  or 13:00-14:00, or in evenings from 18:15-19:15. Classes are £30 per term, and full details concerning times, locations and booking details can be found in our timetable above.

Chinese Calligraphy & Painting

Chinese calligraphy, shū fǎ, is "the rules of writing Han characters". Chinese painting is known today as guó huà. They emphasize motion and are charged with dynamic life. As the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world, calligraphy and painting today are known and learned as important parts of traditional Chinese culture. A ten-week practical workshop provides you an opportunity to know something about Chinese calligraphy and painting and the time to practice, with guidance from practitioners. Materials are provided. 

Classes will be £40 per term to cover materials.

Please note, as this course will be starting up from October 2018, certain details are not currently confirmed. Therefore please visit us in The Roundhouse, or contact us if you would like to learn more.