Mandarin Chinese language classes

We will offer online Chinese language extracurricular classes for the upcoming Lent Term (January-March). If you have any questions please contact

For all classes, we recommend learners spend approximately 3 hours a week of private study between lessons in order to learn vocabulary.


Most classes will cover sections in the Discover China Book Series-

  • "Student Book 1" is used in Beginner Levels 1 - 3
  • "Student Book 2" is used in Beginner Level 4, Improver 1-2 and Improver 3-4
  • Improver 7-8 will work from other materials. No textbook is needed.

We strongly recommend that everyone attend with a copy of the book used for your class. Please ask if you are not sure which level you will need!

We are working with Lancaster University Library to ensure they stock copies.

If you have any questions, please contact us, or visit us in The Roundhouse.


Registration & payment can be made through our Online Store Pages.

Please ensure you have read our Terms & Conditions prior to signing up.

1-to-1 Classes

If you are interested in a more personal session, we can also offer tailored 1-to-1 sessions with a Chinese Teacher, who can allow flexible sessions to suit your needs and interests. 1:1 classes on campus are usually £25 per hour, and alternative classes, such as teaching off campus, or teaching to a small group may be charged differently. For all enquiries of this type, please contact us.

Beginner Classes

If you are unsure which level you should sign up for, please contact us.

Beginner Level 1- For beginners with no prior knowledge. Taught primarily with Roman alphabet (Pinyin). Introductory learning to read in Chinese Characters.

Beginner Level 2‌- For those who have learned around 200 Chinese words. Continued teaching in Pinyin, with expansion in the use of Chinese Characters.

Beginner Level 3- For those who have learned around 400 Chinese words. Requires some knowledge & use of Chinese Characters.

Beginner Level 4‌- For those who have learned around 600 Chinese words. This course is designed to be taught with little to no Pinyin, almost entirely with Chinese Characters.

Intermediate Classes

Improver Level 1-4- This course is a combination of the previous Improver 1-2 level and Improver 3-4. It is intended as an Intermediate course, following on from Beginner Level 4.

Improver 7-8- This is the highest level of Chinese Language teaching we offer, open only to highly proficient speakers of Mandarin. As a result, this is usually a smaller class, with classes of just 1 hour rather than the 1.5 hour classes in other levels, and the timeslot for this class can be decided between participants and the teacher.