Chinese can be taken as a minor with French, Spanish and German or a range of non-language subjects.

In order to take the Chinese minor, you must do Chinese either CHIN100 or CHIN101 as one of your three subjects in the 1st year.

The first-year ab initio course (CHIN100) is designed as a breakthrough into Mandarin Chinese in its standardised spoken modern form and in simplified characters for beginners with no or little prior knowledge of Chinese.

The first-year higher level course (CHIN101) will consolidate your skills gained at 'A-Level', 'A/S Level' or an equivalent standard, and as such is designed for students who have previously studied Chinese to this level.

Both courses combine Chinese language learning with study of Chinese in context.

Supplementary activities including Chinese Café, Chinese film screening, language partnering enable you to maximise your opportunities to extend your language competency.