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Welcome to Connect Lancaster

Connect Lancaster in iLancaster is the new, easy way for you to connect with your university, your department and your college.

You can connect with the University using Connect Lancaster - via iLancaster (on your mobile device), or on the web.

Coronavirus (Covid-19): Lancaster students should use the Connect Lancaster app to report Covid-19 symptoms to inform the University. You should also arrange to have a test for Covid-19. Details can be found on the National Health Service website. If your test is positive, you must report this using the student coronavirus testing report form.

Please note that Connect Lancaster has not yet been rolled out to all departments. If it has been rolled out to your department, you will be able to ask them a question in Connect Lancaster.

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Connect for help and advice

If you have a question about your life or studies at Lancaster, and can’t find what you’re looking for, ask Connect Lancaster.

All you need to do is type your question into the ‘Ask a question’ box and you’ll likely find your answer straight away.

If the right answer isn’t available, you can submit your question directly through Connect Lancaster. Connect Lancaster will then link you directly to your department, your academic tutor, your college and all of our student support services.

Even if your enquiry relates to multiple teams, you'll only have to give us your information once.

Connect and help us improve your Lancaster

Your department, college and other services will also use Connect Lancaster to ask you targeted questions.

We will ask for your thoughts and opinions on what you think of the services and support you receive and how we can improve your student experience.

Learn more about how you can use Connect Lancaster as a student.

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