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David O'Dell, 1966-1969

(Email following County's 50th Anniversary Reunion between 5-7th July 2019)

'Knowing that I was almost certain to be the only one of the original 20  who attended the first JCR meeting (June 1st 1967 and only slightly upstaged by the release of Sgt Pepper), or who was even there in the ‘60s, to be present, I was initially doubtful about making the roundtrip from the south coast,  but I am glad I did.  Of course the price of a ticket had risen slightly from the 14/6 we charged for the first County dinner back in November 1967,  but the company more than made up for it. 

I do hope to return again at some point in the future,  but if I don’t, then I shall l reflect upon the final verse of the first college song with which the five of us who made up the County College Vocal Ensemble won the 1968 'Neurovision Song Contest':


As daylight falls, I feel the pain,

I shall not pass, this way again.

But when I die, in heaven I’ll know,

Those County joys of long ago.'

copy of very first County dinner invitation from 1967.
Text reads: First College dinner to be held in Bowland College Dining Hall, Tuesday November 28th 1967, Tickets 14/6, Dress, Black Tie or Lounge Suit.