Attendance Check-in for teaching staff

About Attendance Check-in

To report an issue:

  • Students should troubleshoot and report technical problems using Attendance Check-in using the ‘Attendance Helper’ in iLancaster.
  • Department administrators should report:
  • Teaching staff should report technical issues via the ISS Service Desk.


  • Students should be advised to click the button in iLancaster to check in to timetabled teaching sessions, and to confirm that they have checked in successfully. To provide advice for your students at the start of sessions (particularly at start of year induction sessions), incorporate this Attendance Check-in PowerPoint slide into your presentations.
  • Teaching staff use the Attendance Check-in system to check in students if they can't do it for themselves (e.g. their device may not be working, or they may not have a suitable device).
  • The staff Attendance Check-in tile will appear for teaching staff in iLancaster five days before their first teaching session of the year, and each teaching session will be visible from two days before it is scheduled to take place.
  • To use the Attendance check-in system at a timetabled teaching session you must be listed against that session in LUSI. Teaching assistants can also be listed against sessions in LUSI to enable them to use the system.
  • You can access the Attendance Check-in system using the iLancaster app on your moblie device (you'll need the most up-to-date version of iLancaster), or iLancaster on a desktop computer or laptop. Get iLancaster for your device
  • If you're using a teaching room computer, you'll see a shortcut icon to the staff Attendance Check-in system on the computer desktop when you log in.

Go to the Attendance Check-in system

See how your students use Attendance Check-in at: Attendance Check-in for students. Please point your students to this link if they need to know how it works and what it means for them.

How teaching staff use Attendance Check-in

Video: How to use Attendance Check-in

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