Digital Content Ambassador Phoebe


Hi, I'm Phoebe. I'm a second-year English Language and Linguistics student and a proud member of Pendle College. As you might guess, I have a passion for language and when I'm not studying for my degree, I can often be found researching word origins or playing word games.

I'm originally from Manchester, but I chose to come and study in Lancaster because of the beautiful natural scenery. I'm currently living on campus and every day I feel privileged to be surrounded by such stunning greenery. I love birdwatching, so being able to visit the heron at Lake Carter and our charming ducks at LICA is a great source of joy for me.

An introvert through and through, I love crafts and enjoy relaxing with a cup of tea and my latest crochet or knitting project. I'm also a budding baker and have been enjoying reconnecting with baking over the past year. I enjoy reading both for pleasure and study, so coaxing me out of the library on campus takes a fair bit of effort! My current favourite spot is by the Living Wall, although I do like to pay our resident library tree, Norma, a visit from time to time.