Ambassador Francesca stands in front of a river and a bridge


Hi everyone, I’m Francesca! I’m a third-year student, studying a French and German integrated master’s degree and a proud member of Lonsdale College. I come from the North West, around an hour away from campus and really am enjoying being back to in-person classes and learning to love campus in a new post-covid era, having spent my first year pretty much studying entirely online and my second abroad!

Being a student of a heavily communications-based degree, I felt it a fantastic opportunity to be part of the Digital Content Ambassadors team for the university, representing the best of what we have to offer via our social media platforms! I am looking forward to producing engaging and creative content – having studied abroad last year in France and Germany respectively, I’ve plenty of experiences to share and tips to give. And also, as mentioned above, I have been learning lots of new things about life here at Lancaster so far this term, and I am exciting to report back on new experiences and my personal recommendations through various channels of communication.

For those looking to study abroad during their degrees or intending to learn a language (either as a hobby or within their degree programme), don’t hesitate to take a look over my content! I’ll link my Instagram account here - @francurranx, where I document some of my favourite year abroad experiences via stories and posts :)