This exciting two-day event will draw together a multidisciplinary group including clinicians, neuroscientists, designers, artists, technologists, memory champions, and more, to explore memory from different angles, envisage tools and techniques for improving memory, and consider applications of these insights towards the development of technologies to enhance the cognitive abilities of people later in life.

A provisional speakers list includes:

  • Ben Pridmore, three-time World Memory Champion: A mnemonist's perspective on memory
  • Robert Logie, School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences, The University of Edinburgh: Contextualised remembering and the ForgetIt project
  • Hedley Emsley, Faculty of Health and Medicine, Lancaster University: A neuroscience perspective on memory loss
  • Nigel Davies, School of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University: Lessons from the RECALL project

Registration is available via the Eventbrite site.  

Please contact Bran Knowles with any queries.

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