We will start with a short (15min) talk on the Software Sustainability Institute (software.ac.uk) and sustainable software, and then have a series of lightning talks (3-5 minutes) on just about anything related to using software or computers for research.  Please feel free to submit a  talk when you register via the Eventbrite site.  It could be about:

- a piece of software and how you use it in your research

- a module/library/package you have found helpful

- your git workflow

- some software that you think more people should use

- an introduction to concepts such as testing or debugging

- or even just something that you think might be useful for researchers using software to know.

If it is related to research, software, and computing then please submit something - if you think it could help someone,  present it!  These are not aimed to be comprehensive talks, but to start conversations (inside or outside the meeting).

We will finish the meeting with lunch and discussion on various topics
such as:

- Training we can provide.

- Support you would like to see from central services.

- Research Software Engineers, and the cases for them.

 And anything else - including topics you can nominate on the day.

Lunch will be provided, so sign up and join us!

We hope this to be the first in a regular series of research computing meetings at Lancaster, dedicated to improving the computing experience and skills of researchers from all faculties.  

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