Gender Pay Gap

Lancaster University is committed to understanding the causes of our Gender Pay Gap, to continuing to ensure our employees receive equal pay for equal value and to developing a strategic response to reduce our gender pay gap. Further information is provided in our Gender Pay Gap 2018 Report‌.

Lancaster University's 2018 gender pay gap data are presented below:

  • Mean Hourly Pay Gap: 26.80%
  • Median Hourly Pay Gap: 25.54%
  • Mean Bonus Pay Gap: 17.92%
  • Median Bonus Pay Gap: 0.98%
  • Proportion of Women receiving bonus pay: 2.9%
  • Proportion of Men receiving bonus pay: 2.7%

Proportion of staff in four equal pay quartiles:

  • Lower quartile: Women: 70.2%; Men: 29.8%
  • Lower middle quartile: Women: 58.6%; Men: 41.4%
  • Upper middle quartile: Women: 48.1%; Men: 51.9%
  • Upper quartile: Women: 32.8%; Men: 67.2%

The full report for 2018 can be read here: Gender Pay Gap 2018 Report

Last year’s reported gender pay gap data is available for comparison in our Gender Pay Gap 2017 Report.