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MA in Education and Social Justice

The MA in Education and Social Justice (by coursework and dissertation) is offered as a part-time or full-time structured Masters programme that is undertaken entirely online.

Length of programme: 12 months full-time or 24 months part-time.

Mode of delivery: 100% online with no campus-based teaching.  However, it is possible to be supervised through face-to-face on-campus meetings, if you prefer this.


It provides a well-defined and supported route to an MA for people around the world. The programme is designed so that participants can study entirely from home and whilst in full- or part-time employment.  The course structure provides flexibility for different lifestyles and affords participants the opportunity to work around their own schedules. This MA appeals to teachers, social workers, policy-makers, and those working in a variety of career areas in education focussed institutions. It is also suitable for recent/ not so recent graduates with an academic interest in education and social justice issues, and for those who would like to develop skills and expertise to pursue a career in this area, including an academic research career.

The course will equip students with the requisite skills for further study and successful completion with a Merit or Distinction will lead to an automatic offer of a place on our highly successful PhD in Education and Social Justice. (Subject to course availability, you should check the application date for the PhD Programme with the MA Administrator).  As a department we provide a distinctive supported progression route to doctoral level in this exciting and important subject area. We offer a unique opportunity to engage with students living across a range of continents and countries, creating a rich and diverse learning environment.

The course has close links with the Department's Centre for Social Justice and Wellbeing in Education.  Tutors are internationally renowned researchers/practitioners with a wealth of experience and knowledge on a range of education and social justice issues including gender, ethnicity, class, migration and globalisation.  We are based in one of the best Education Departments in the UK, in a University ranked in the top 200 world-wide and top 10 in the UK.  The Department has an established and excellent reputation for doctoral provision and has successfully specialised in the online delivery of postgraduate, research-oriented programmes for several years.  The degree carries the same prestigious recognition as an on-campus delivered programme.

What our students say:

Cohort 2 Participant (UK)

"Being able to have the freedom to pursue my own interests as well as benefit from taught elements, has built my confidence and greatly enhanced my understanding of how social justice fits into my role as a teacher. The course content is engaging and challenging and each assignment has pushed me to explore a wide range of ideas.

I have found the tutors to be very encouraging and supportive, particularly in helping me to develop a stronger sense of direction and conviction in my own research interests. I have been challenged to reflect on my role as an educator, as well as build skills as a researcher. The distance learning aspect of the course is something I have really appreciated as the ability to fit the course into my job is invaluable to my professional development. But moreover, has enabled me to pursue postgraduate study, which I would otherwise not have been able to do."

Cohort 2 Participant (UK)

"This course has helped me to develop my ideas and interests in the social justice aspect of education.  It has allowed me the freedom to pursue the ideas and themes I am interested in whilst also giving a comprehensive and good grounded base on theories and a variety of topics and subject areas.  The Moodle forums for the modules have enabled me to discuss and develop my ideas further with my fellow peers and also allowed me the opportunity expand my support network.  The course content is engaging whilst also challenging, as expected of a Masters programme.  The support available from the tutors and staff is brilliant and you can always find someone to assist you in whatever you may need help with whether by phone, email or Skype.  The tutors provide a lot of encouragement whilst also pushing you to further develop your academic skills and knowledge within the field.  This course has enabled me to find a good balance between work, a young family and studying and I would thoroughly recommend it." 

Cohort 2 Participant (Mainland Europe)

"I live in [mainland Europe] and the 100% online element of this course was one of the main attractions. The course is very engaging. Though I have been an ardent activist for social justice for years, I was still surprised to find how my own established thinking was challenged within the first module of the course. That the course is new is an advantage in that the developers are open to feedback. I suggested a research book that may be of use to the currciulum and it was added to the library resources within days."

Cohort 2 Participant (UK)

"The college offered the subject specialism that I was interested in and allowed me the opportunity to complete the study all online which fits in with my work and home life allowing me the freedom to choose the time when I can focus on my studies. The modules are fulfilling the purpose of my interest and I found the first module on social justice themes fascinating. There are optimal and timely opportunities to conduct research and measure your own work against current theories and this has ensured I am challenged as a student and as an educator. I would recommend the course for anyone who feels they cannot spare the time to attend college, who has the ability to focus and collaborate online and most of all someone who is passionate about Education and Social Justice.

Cohort 1 Participant (UK)

"This course has allowed me the flexibility to explore themes and ideas that I am interested in, with the help and support from passionate lecturers.  For me, I was initially a bit hesitant about not having the support network that you would find when attending a face-to-face course, but having tutors that wll communicate via Skype or email when required is great.  This means I can continue to work and support my family whilst studying something that, I hope, means one day I can make a difference."

Cohort 1 Participant (UK)

"A key factor in me identifying the right Education Masters programme was that there would be a connection between education policy and practice and their impact on society.  Another pre-requisite was that there would be a strong research focus.  I was delighted to see that this programme combines the two.  There is a growing, and welcome trend in favour of evidence-based approaches to educational policy, practice and publishing and one I am keen to be part of.  I was also impressed by the quality and range of the research of the programme staff.  I've found the step-by-step structure of the programme to be supportive in building confidence in theoretical knowledge and practice research knowhow before embarking on a full-scale piece of research.  I'm also enjoying the freedom to self-direct the focus of my research."